Garcinia Cambogia-How Much Weight Can You Expect To Lose?

Garcinia Cambogia-How Much Weight Can You Expect To Lose?

If you haven’t heard about Garcinia Cambogia yet, it’s the latest healthy alternative to weight loss. A completely natural supplement that derives from the rind of a citrus fruit from Asia, it is then crushed down to a powder and used for weight loss. The question is, does it work or is it just another empty promise in a sometimes defeating battle with your weight? We did some research to see what people that are using Garcinia Cambogia had to say. Additionally, we tracked down clinical studies that were conducted on the supplement.

Average Weight Loss

Based on clinical studies as well as the reviews from individuals, you can expect to lose an average of five pounds per week. Over a one month period, you may stand to lose anything from 10 to 20 pounds based on the average results. This is of course variable and dependant on your diet, your exercise routine, your metabolism along with how much you weigh at the moment. If you work out more, you can expect greater results. Someone that is very overweight will inevitably lose more weight per week than that of someone who is just slightly overweight. Garcinia Cambogia will increase metabolism but it may be more so in some people than in others.

The Science Behind Garcinia Cambogia

The main ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia supplement is hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA has the ability to act as a fat blocker, turning carbohydrates into energy as opposed to fat. It is also a metabolism booster so your body will burn calories faster. Your appetite for food will be reduced as the natural acid makes you feel fuller. HCA also raises the serotonin levels in the body which naturally makes one happier. This assists greatly in alleviating emotional eating which is a huge factor in a persons diet.

Clinical Studies

A recent study was conducted with 135 participants taking 1500 mg of Garcinia Cambogia daily for 4 weeks. The participants lost an average of 17 lbs each with a loss of 16% body fat. Studies are showing that this supplement is one of the healthiest diet options in the world.

Individual Reviews

One consumer said she lost 9.5 pounds in two weeks and experienced a significant loss of belly fat, taking two inches off her waistline.

Another female consumer stated she has been on Garcinia Cambogia for one month and has lost 12 months. She attributes this to feeling happier and having no problem walking away from food that is in front of her.

A male consumer taking the supplement said that he has replaced his usual habit. Where he used to eat food and watch TV at night, he is now working out with his increased energy. As a result, he lost 22 pounds in 5 weeks and has lost 5 inches from his waist.

The general consensus regarding Garcinia Cambogia is people felt better emotionally and experienced an increase of energy on Day 1.

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